Nginx, WordPress & ActivityPub

I have been deep in the terminal these past few weeks whenever I get a moment or two of free time. We have had a lot of rain recently, resulting in way more free time than usual. This allowed me to sort out a bunch of issues on my new $5/month linode.

I didn’t love Ghost too much so went back to WordPress. Since I’d already had Ghost working with Nginx, I figured I’d use it with wordpress as well instead of my usual Apache.

All went pretty well and smooth once I finally got php to work for me. Yowza. But then I noticed that search wasn’t working on my site. I went crazy for a while trying out different theme, digging into wordpress trying to understand the query loop. Nothing.

But, In troubleshooting I realized that no URL-passed arguments (e.g. ?s=searchterm) were being handled by php. This was new terrain for me! Once I realized this was the issue though, I knew it must have been related to Nginx. Sure enough adding:

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php$is_args$args;

to my server config file, voila! That was pretty satisfying.

Once I had search working, I tried the newly-released ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. A bit of futzing and now my posts can be followed in the fediverse at: from your Mastodon server. Super cool. I’d love to get working so that all posts could be followed but I can’t quite get that dialed in.

Anyway, rainy days and terminal windows seem to go hand in hand.

Also, really, really enjoying Terminus on my iPad.