Month: August 2019

  • Journaling and Journalism and Personal Photography

    This past weekend we went out with a couple of other New Jersey families to Cranks Around the Campfire. I’ve wanted to go to this mountain biking/camping/family-friendly event for a few years now but each year it has coincided with our annual pilgrimage up to New England in the VW to go swimming in various…

  • Bikepacking Gear

    If you’re into gear lists, I finally got around to detailing the gear I used for my Erie Canal bikepacking trip earlier this summer over at AllTogetherOutThere.

  • Credit Card Confusion

    First off, here’s this from an interesting read over at The Week: In brief, payment card companies are piggybacking on public systems and guarantees to gouge the American public, especially with credit cards. They act as middlemen, skimming fees off transactions and using their size to bully businesses into accepting their terms — who then…

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  • iOS Shortcut to upload photo to WordPress & Instagram

    I am trying to reduce the friction of posting photos to my site from my phone. In the process I thought it might be useful to simultaneously upload photos to my Instagram profile at the same time as my site. Over the past year I’ve cobbled together a bunch of pieces to make this process…

  • 2019-08-17 10.50.56

    Base camp

  • 2019-08-17 10.46.13

    MTB at Huber on the edge of summer.

  • Water.

    A while back I wrote an iOS shortcut to log how many 32-ounce Nalgenes I drank throughout the day. I stopped using it after a while because drinking 3-4 Nalgenes per day had become a habit for me but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve fallen off drinking as much water so I’m using it again,…

  • Fuji X70. Not a portable X series.

    I have been loving my Fuji XE2s since I bought it off of Amazon a couple of years ago. It takes some of the best photos of any camera I’ve ever owned and is a joy to use in every way (manual dials for ISO, Shutter Speed, aperture. So nice!). Except it doesn’t fit in…

  • NetNewsWire in public beta

    One of my favorite Mac RSS readers ever, has a new version in public beta. I’m currently using Reeder on Mac and iOS but am looking forward to reuniting with this old friend!