Guitar Learning

This page is a work in progress but trying to catalog and organize some of my favorite or frequented resources for guitar.

YouTube Links

Jacksnax 4Guitar: This guy is a great teacher when it comes to deeper dives on some of Jerry’s playing, how he approached different modes, etc.

Whit Smith: – Great teacher for Western swing chord substituions/comping.

Leon Gizzard: – Another great Western swing teacher, has great lessons on Eldon Shamblin’s playing.

Damian Bacci: – Great Junior Barnard/Western swing lessons, really good online teacher.

My “Guitar” Playlist: – This is just a collection of interviews and other vids that I’ve saved. Some pretty deep cuts here but for those interested in connecting bluegrass guitar to the telecaster to the Grateful Dead, well, this is a good place to start.

Adam Levy: New to me, learned after pickup up a book he and Ethan Sherman wrote, see below.

Apps for practicing/learning

Strum Machine: Indispensable. One of the few apps I don’t cancel my subscription to right after renewing. Great for practicing fiddle tunes or improving over changes.

Transcribe+: There may be better “slow down” apps but this is the one that I’ve gotten used to using. It helped me learn Slopes by Strength in Numbers, no small feat!

iRealPro: A “smart” Real Book. Has all the jazz charts but also will accompany you with backing tracks on any song. Great for learning heads and improving.

Tunefox: Bills itself as the clever way to learn bluegrass tunes. I haven’t found this app helpful but I can see how so many other bluegrass pickers do find it a good tool for learning songs.

Books/Sites I listened to this book on Audible, the audio quality was not great but it did help me start to think more formally about how I practice and how to make the most out of my practice time.

String Theories: (by Adam Levy and Ethan Sherman) I picked this up after hearing Ethan Sherman play guitar. I’d never heard of Adam Levy before but his YouTube channel looks like a really deep well of great stuff. This book is a great resource.