My GTD Weekly Review

Updated: 2023-10-31

Capture and Clarify

  • Outlook (Work): Process your work inbox to zero. Decide on the next action for each email or delegate, defer, delete, or archive.
  • Apple Mail (Personal): Process your personal inbox to zero. Decide on the next action for each email or delegate, defer, delete, or archive.
  • Due: Review your reminders. Add new ones if necessary and remove or reschedule those that are no longer relevant.

Review & Reflect

  • Day One: Go through your journal entries for the week. Highlight any insights or tasks that need to be carried forward.
  • Shaarli Bookmarks: Review your bookmarks. Tag and share.
  • Reader/Read-It-Later Entries: Skim through your saved articles or content. Decide if you’ll read, archive, or delete each entry.
  • OneNote (Work): Review and organize your work notes. Ensure they’re categorized and easily accessible.
  • Apple Notes (Personal): Review and organize your personal notes. Ensure they’re categorized and easily accessible.

Review Things App

  • Inbox: Review and process all items in your Things inbox. Ensure each item is assigned to a project or area, or decide on another appropriate action.
  • Tasks Review: Go through tasks for all projects and areas. Confirm that each task has been reviewed and is correctly categorized.
  • Move tasks due next week to the “Anytime” section.
  • Reassign tasks that don’t need to be completed next week to the “Sometime” section.

Review Files and Folders

  • Review all files and shortcuts on your desktop.
  • Archive or move essential files to their appropriate folders.
  • Delete any unnecessary or temporary files.
  • Go through your downloads folder.
  • Move important files to their respective folders or archive them for future reference.
  • Delete any redundant or unneeded files.
  • Skim through your main document folders (e.g., “Documents”, “Pictures”, “Videos”).
  • Ensure files are in their correct sub-folders.
  • Archive older files that you don’t frequently access but still want to keep.
  • Delete any duplicates or unnecessary files.

Clean & Organize Desk

  • Remove any items that don’t belong on the desk, such as dishes, unrelated books, or miscellaneous items.
  • Ensure all pens, pencils, and other stationery items are in their holders or drawers.
  • Use trays or organizers for essential documents or items you frequently access.
  • Consider using cable management solutions like clips or sleeves to keep charging cables and other wires tidy.
  • Wipe down the desk surface with a suitable cleaner.
  • Clean your keyboard, mouse, and monitor screen.

Plan & Prioritize

  • Upcoming Week: Look at your calendar for the upcoming week. Block time for important tasks and set priorities.
  • Goals & Projects: Review your long-term goals and projects. Ensure your tasks for the upcoming week align with them.

Mind Sweep

  • Open Day One Journal, write down anything that’s on your mind. This could be tasks, ideas, or things you’re waiting for. Decide on the next actions for each.