Work Stack

Last update: 2023-10-31

As with my Personal Stack, I’ve been feeding my tools and workflow into ChatGPT to see if it can uncover better ways for me to integrate and leverage my productivity stacks.

Outlook Calendar

  • Usage: Scheduling appointments, focus time, and blocking non-work hours.
  • Aspirations: Implementing time-blocking to enhance focus and productivity.
  • Recommendations: Experiment with time-blocking for high-priority tasks and evaluate its impact on your productivity.


  • Usage: Maintaining three key notebooks for:
    • personal notes
    • department meetings
    • project management.
  • Structure: Well-organized sections for different purposes, aiding in quick retrieval of information.
  • Recommendations: Consider implementing a tagging system for even quicker access to specific notes.


  • Usage: Project management and task tracking for both personal tasks and staff assignments.
  • Integration: Works in tandem with Things 3 for task management.
  • Recommendations: Ensure all project-related tasks are consistently logged in Jira to maintain a single source of truth.


  • Usage: Hosting project dashboards, project-specific sites, and department-specific files.
  • Organization: Clear structure, aiding in easy access to necessary documents.
  • Recommendations: Explore additional SharePoint features or third-party tools to optimize webpage link storage.

Things 3

  • Usage: Capturing work-related tasks, management issues, and serving as a quick capture tool for project tasks.
  • Integration: Tasks are later moved to the appropriate project in Jira.
  • Recommendations: Continue using Things 3 as a central hub for task management, ensuring consistency in task migration to Jira.


Outlook Email

  • Strategy: Maintaining inbox zero and categorizing actionable emails in the “next actions” folder.
  • Recommendations: Continue this practice, ensuring regular review of the “next actions” folder.


  • Current System: Storing webpage links in SharePoint.
  • Challenges: The system is not optimal.
  • Recommendations: Explore bookmarking tools or note-taking apps with webpage clipping functionalities.


  • Integration: Using SharePoint to process and integrate memos and documents from colleagues.
  • Recommendations: Ensure a consistent workflow for document integration and review.