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  • Personal Density and Journaling in Day One

    On how journaling impacts self and temporal rootedness and its disorienting yet grounding effect on understanding personal growth and the passage of time.

  • POSSE for Journaling

    Now that I’ve got a good, reliable mechanism for getting WordPress into my Day One journal, it has got me thinking about using WordPress as a funnel for getting any “public” journal type stuff into Day One. Letterboxd reviews come to mind. If I were still using Goodreads, that would make sense, too. Is there…

  • 2023 Musical Developments and Review

    This past year felt like a big year for me as far as improved or developing musicianship compared with recent prior years. Most likely this is because this is the first year in 35+ years of playing guitar that I kept a rehearsal/practice journal and made even the slightest effort to structure my practice around…

  • What is Nature?

    I’m not sure there is much wisdom in arbitrarily distinguishing between natural and unnatural.

  • dowpy – WordPress Posts to Day One

    Dowpy grabs the ATOM feed of my website and pulls in new entries into a Day One Journal called, surprise, “Wordpress Entries.”

  • Bulk import WordPress posts into Day One

    This export/import process requires bouncing back and forth between the Desktop and iOS versions of Day One as the import/export feature set is very different for each version and you’ll need to leverage both feature sets.


    I didn’t realize Dries founded/manages Drupal until I checked out the about page on his website. In any case, he has a really excellent comparison of PESOS vs POSSE on his site. For me, I’m just trying to find as friction-free a way to collect/post/share. After a bunch of false starts I’m leaning towards WordPress…

  • Memory, time and quarantine.

    “I may not be as strong as I think,” the old man said. “But I know many tricks and I have resolution.”  – The Old Man and the Sea, E. Hemingway.   At baseline, my memory is only so-so. For example, I can remember chord progressions to songs and lyrics only with a lot of…

  • Day One and iOS/Mac Shortcuts Parity

    One of the most popular Shortcuts I’ve written is my “Logging to Day One” shortcut that allows you to keep a timestamped list of items to a single day’s journal entry throughout the day. I wrote a post about it two years ago, you can read more about it here. I updated the post today…

  • Readwise feedback and remembering what you’ve read

    The value of reading is proportional to the ability to remember what you have read. Reading is a richer experience when you are reading through a lens informed by the context of everything you’ve read and experience before. Indeed, how much richer is daily life when you can call on a piece of verse or…