I’ve been running a personal website of one kind or another since around 1996 (have a look at my page from 18 years ago!). In this day and age maintaining a personal website seems like the internet equivalent of changing your own oil in your car. Not necessary but necessary in its own way.

My current job is Director of Technology at Princeton University Press (and, to clarify, all expression here on jimwillis.org is my own and not my employer’s). Prior to this job I was CTO and then COO for a startup that sold lossless classical music recordings on the Internet. Before that, I was CIO for the Rhode Island Department of State. In between all of those gigs I’ve done a lot of independent consulting work for a variety of organizations from universities to direct mail marketing companies and writing (strangely specific) applications like one that assists in the assembling of images of brain scans from FMRI machines.

Also, back when the Internet was the digital version of the Wild West (~2001?), I wrote an open source tool called PANACEA (Pubic Access Network Admin Controlled Environment Application) that allowed public libraries (mostly those with little funding in rural areas) to deploy donated computers as low-maintance public internet kiosks.

that’s me on my Surly Long Haul Trucker somewhere on the C&O Canal towpath.

But maybe you  landed here by way of, All Together Out There where I write about our family’s travel adventures in our 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon.

Or maybe you’ve seen me do a presentation on walking and biking advocacy?

Perhaps you are trying to track me down because you’ve read some of my food writing over at PieHole?

I also play guitar in Red Bank’s local Grateful Dead band, Dead Bank and the Yachtgrass/acoustic band: Kul d’ Sack.

Or maybe, you are familiar with the work I’ve done advocating for governments to use Open Source Software to become more transparent and accountable.

If you want to get in touch, reach out to me on twitter.

— Jim Willis