Beautiful bike ride into work this AM. Roads are very different at 7:30AM vs. riding in at 8AM. Saw many other bicycles out on the roads.

Ride home, the long way

On account of it being the first sunny day in a long time, I left work a little early yesterday so that I could ride my bicycle home the long way. Ended up doing a great 23 mile ride going through some of my favorite areas of Colts Neck (where I took the picture below).

Confused about Action Day and Ozone

So today is an Action Day because the Air Quality Index has reached an unhealthy level. Specifically, Ozone appears to be very high. I am confused about the following: on Action Days people are advised to limit their out of doors activities. However, on Action Days, people are also advised to : Conserve electricity and […]

Have an hour to get your hands dirty doing some gardening at Red Bank Primary School this weekend?

cleanup at Red Bank Primary School

My neighbor Carrie sent me this email with some details about doing a cleanup of one of the gardens at the Red Bank Primary School: I am organizing a rather impromptu clean up of the Primary School’s butterfly garden this Saturday, June 27th.  I have toured this area with Rosemary Kopka, the chairperson of the […]

looking at live chat options for a client with a retail website. is being looked at but looking for suggestions.

I swear that once upon a time, I remember seeing this large glowing orb in the sky. Some people called it “the sun.”