Month: January 2024

  • I’ve been trying to achieve an easy way to POSSE from my phone with a nice interface, good editor, handles photos, etc. Neither iOS shortcuts nor the WordPress app are especially satisfying to use. Beluga looks interesting. Thanks @matthiasott Also on:

  • On Mic Preamps

    I recently rewired my home studio and added the capacity to include some outboard gear in the process. Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some recordings to work out the kinks and get set up to record a new batch of originals that I’ve been working on. As is inevitable once my recording…

  • Prompt: Write me a powershell script to run on a MICROSOFT Windows device that returns the enabled TLS versions.ChatGPT: (copy script, run): You’re running v. 1.2 (true!)MICROSOFT’S CoPilot (copy script/run): You don’t have any TLS (false!)Copilot, why you so dumb? Also on:

  • Dreary gray winter day, I’m looking out my window at the melting remains of last week’s snow. Need to turn around the energy for the afternoon’s projects, time to pull in the heavyweights: Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben. Also on:

  • Guitar Resources page

    I’m building out a page with resources I use for learning/practicing guitar but as I’m building it I’m thinking it would be much better with a database on the backend to store this information rather than just writing a bunch of text. I feel like there’s got to be a way to do this (sql…

  • Started listening to The Practice of Practice, trying to add a bit more structure to my practice sessions to make the best of my limited time. Verdict is still out. Audiobook has had several glitches in the first 30 minutes or so but looks like good material will be covered: Also on:

  • Currently listening to this gem by Asleep at the Wheel. After a morning working on chord substitutions, there’s nothing like some western swing to illustrate just how many voicings you can fit into some simple changes. These Western swing cats were geniuses. Also on:

  • Seeing so many folks posting about their Apple Vision orders. Channelling my inner Steve Ballmer (who was notoriously wrong about the iPhone), I hate this thing and hopes it’s a flop. I don’t want to live in a world where these things are as ubiquitous as iPhones. Looking down at your phone while you talk…

  • Nextcloud for bands

    Playing in a band generates all sorts of files that you want to share with your band mates, from live show recordings, videos, promo materials, charts, etc. Some of us were getting tired of shelling out the money to Dropbox to accommodate this sharing. So, this past weekend I spun up a self hosted Nextcloud…

  • This has got to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard. Unbelievable. Bloody pigs mask? eBay will pay a $3 million criminal penalty for a harassment and intimidation campaign targeting a Massachusetts-based couple who ran a newsletter that was sometimes critical of the company. — Read on Also on: