Month: April 2024

  • 3d printed Vanagon parts

    This is just to say that I spent $36, including shipping, on a handful of 3d printed parts from Uniwerks. It’s almost impossible to put a dollar amount on the value of the problems that were solved by these parts. Window arm crank washers to keep my window handle from destroying my speak grills, a…

  • Cruising

    Our country does not provide the education and upbringing that allow its citizens an interior life. For the creative class to point fingers at the large, breasty gentlemen adrift in tortilla-chip-laden pools of water is to gather a sour harvest of low-hanging fruit. Another supposedly fun thing… Also on:

  • Setting Default Display

    Struggling to get my Keyboard Maestro macros to open up my apps on my external monitor when it’s plugged in to my laptop. Digging through the forums it seemed like a lot of work to try to do this programmatically. Being lazy, I looked for an alternate solution and found it under System Settings->Display->Arrange.. By…