Month: February 2009

  • Donated to WNYC. Feeling less guilty now and am looking forward to the Bittman book, too:

  • Oranges with Olives

    I made this: last night for something to snack on while I made dinner. It was amazing. Highly recommended. I chilled the orange slices while I cut/pitted/ crushed the olives (which were at room temp) the temperature contrast, along with the sweet/salt contrast is awesome.

  • Looking for suggestions on media center setups for Man Room 2.0, details here:

  • Modus Operandi – It’s the little things

    Modus Operandi – It’s the little things Alex explains why I like the RSS requirement: “For example the Stimulus package requires that government agencies report how they spend the money in an Atom/RSS feed. By itself this is not a big…

  • Quicksilver has stopped working for me over the past few days giving me an excuse to try LaunchBar (which is up to version 5.0 now)

  • In Newark representing open software and neighborhood technology in NJ DoT’s discussions on car sharing programs.

  • Chef Colicchio and Feeding the Kids

    I read Tom Colicchio’s think like a chef a few years ago. I thought it was a great book and it really helped me understand some fundamental techniques. I don’t recognize too many chefs’ names so when I saw his in this piece: I was excited to see what he had to say about…

  • Hulu’s Superbowl Ad and the Boxee Fight – O’Reilly Radar

    Hulu’s Superbowl Ad and the Boxee Fight – O’Reilly Radar The technology people want always wins in the end – no duh – and usually benefits the businesses who fought that technology to the death. Here’s hoping the technology people want – Boxee –…

  • Reminder: Wedgie Jackson, tomorrow night at Jamian’s in Red Bank. Looks like a good crowd.

  • An Open Conversation on Hyperlocal News |

    An Open Conversation on Hyperlocal News | Following a recent post and discussion on hyperlocal news, WBUR was kind enough to let me initiate an open discussion on the topic during their monthly meetup at the station. Around 15 people…