Month: January 2010

  • Understatement: “I spend most of my time using Emacs.” Stallman on The Setup

  • Passionato is looking for someone with good MySQL and PHP skills (Solr skills a plus):

  • Good piece in today’s WSJ on Apple’s direction: Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

  • First time since I installed Droplr a couple of weeks ago that I find occasion to use it and it doesn’t work.

  • RT @goldenmeanie: FoxWow! (Also love the other slugs: Child labor: The key to industrialization)

  • Coverage of Jamian’s by @redbankgreenman @RedBankJamian : Last month’s photo exhibit was seriously amazing.

  • Danny MacAskill (extraordinary trials rider on YouTube ) now eats a better caliber of take-out:

  • Just ordered four tix for Trey at @countbasiethtr on 2/14. A great venue for a show like this: