Month: March 2019

  • 2019-03-31 14.24.37

    So glad this reference exists for configuring WordPress to work with status entries.

  • How not to overthink iOS shortcuts for Day One Journals

    I like to keep notes about the gigs I play with my various bands. Sometimes I log very detailed entries about changes we need to make to our gear or sound settings for the next gig, other times it’s just a few quick words so I can remember who came out to see us or…

  • 2019-03-31 12.51.17

    Thumbs up to @kevin2kelly for giving Adventure Cycling Association a mention in the latest issue of Recomendo. @advcyclingassoc is an amazing resource and I am proud to be a supporting member!

  • 2019-03-27 22.28.14

    Hey, @brentsimmons release it on the App Store! NetNewsWire will be THE gateway drug for millions of users who have yet to discover that there is an internet outside of facebook and twitter! #controlyourfeed

  • Read iOS HRV data (captured during breathing session) via shortcuts

    I first started using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to track my recovery from a concussion that I sustained while out mountain biking. HRV is a possibly useful metric to track overall health, stress levels, etc. I have a few years worth of (not entirely consistent) HRV data as a result of using Marco Altini’s fantastic…

  • 2019-03-22 12.04.04

    Reassuring to see the NYTimes standing up to Apple here. I can’t figure out why the WSJ would give up such a large chunk (50%!) of subscriber revenue.

  • 2019-03-20 21.36.24

    I’m not the only one! Quick read from yesterday’s Times on personal newsletters as the antidote to social media. Make sure to sign up for Casual Housekeeping if you haven’t already.

  • 2019-03-18 20.11.56

    What’s worse, Socialism or Crony Capitalism? Probably depends on who you ask. Either way, this piece by Barry Ritholtz documenting some of the more egregious missteps of our “free” market makes for an interesting read. Via @om.

  • 2019-03-18 15.39.59

    Heartening to see movement from #flickr. Feels like there is a little bit of energy circulating there lately. Latest announcement is around In Memoriam accounts and maintaining Creative Commons works in perpetuity. 

  • 2019-03-17 14.03.13

    Thanks @advcyclingassoc for the reminder about this new GAP/CO trail video. Watched it yesterday and was reminded of what a great time I had riding the C&O and can not wait to ride the GAP now! #adventurecycling #cando #bikecamping