Month: September 2023

  • Bulk import WordPress posts into Day One

    This export/import process requires bouncing back and forth between the Desktop and iOS versions of Day One as the import/export feature set is very different for each version and you’ll need to leverage both feature sets.

  • Nginx, WordPress & ActivityPub

    I have been deep in the terminal these past few weeks whenever I get a moment or two of free time. We have had a lot of rain recently, resulting in way more free time than usual. This allowed me to sort out a bunch of issues on my new $5/month linode. I didn’t love…

  • 2023 Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival

    The jams at this year’s Del Valley were really excellent. A lot of great players jamming til 1 or 2am. Loved it. The lineup with good too, AJ Lee and Blue Summitwere a highlight, espescialy the two guitarist for the band (Scot Gates and Sully Tuttle). Especially cool though was this guy up the hill from…