wow. streaming DNC in HD from Is anyone on twitter watching and could you DM me when Obama comes on? Thanks!

twitterers: does anyone know if/where I can stream tonight’s DNC speech? Is it a live stream or will I need to wait ‘til tomorrow?

At home with kids today. Hoping for early, long naps 😉 thinking about ordering a brooks saddle for cannondale.

Onsite with client til 3PM. Then taking kids to Great Adventure. Wondering if I can stream the DNC tonight.

Bond, James Bond.

Bond, James Bond. A few weeks ago as we drove back to Red Bank from Spring Lake, I added all 21 Bond movies to our netflix queue. Kel was driving and I was having fun with my iPhone. Anyway, that part of our queue…

Posted a How To on MySQL GUI Tools over an SSH Tunnel at Had to walk two people through this in as many days.

Red Bank Orbit

Red Bank Orbit One of the projects I’ve been working on for the past few months is a new website, Red Bank oRBit. It’s a sort of entertainment sister-site of Red Bank Green. Orbit’s been up for a couple of…

On the Ground in Gori

On the Ground in Gori I’m still trying to understand exactly what is going on with the Russia/Georgia conflict/occupation. We’ve had a busy week this week (man how stress makes time fly like no one’s business!). Anyway,…