Just had the pleasure of playing this 1822 guitar.One of the first 6string instruments that could be called a “guitar.” http://bit.ly/8QfK2x

Man, there’s a BIG difference between 66F and 68F. So much for that cost-savings measure. I’d need to buy fingerless gloves to type at 66F.

When a newspaper dies in America … a sense of place has failed: http://bit.ly/7YP0WX Great piece in Harper’s on newspapers.

Feds more agile than local government. Are fears of Big Government’s inefficiency based on reality? http://post.ly/ETsv

Running errands by bicycle always feels more like a bike ride than a chore. Running errands by car always feels just like running errands.

RT @redbank: This Saturday have breakfast with St. Nick and support the Red Bank Primary School PTO (http://tinyurl.com/yzfq7dz)