Thoreau on Paris v. Concord

I fear the dissipation that traveling, going into society, even the best, the enjoyment of intellectual luxuries, imply. If Paris is much in your mind, if it is more and more to you, Concord is less and less, and yet it would be a wretched bargain to accept the proudest Paris in exchange for my native village. At best, Paris could only be a school in which to learn to live here, a stepping-stone to Concord, as school in which to fit for this university. I wish so to live ever as to derive my satisfactions and inspirations from the commonest events, every-day phenomena, so that my senses hourly perceive, my daily walk, the conversation of my neighbors, may inspire me, and I may dream of no heaven but that which lies about me. A man may acquire a taste for wine or brandy, and so lose his love for water, but should we not pity him?

I sent that quote over to John at Red Bank Green as the lost mission statement for his hyperlocal blog.

Clean fill dirt being dumped at Eastside Park. Looks like progress!

No more Wedgie Jackson after tonight’s show at Jamian’s. Last show.

Buying seeds for garden at cost cutters in Middletown. Store is going out of biz.

No matter how many times you hear them, the solos in All Blues never get stale or predictable.

For no printed word nor spoken plea
Can teach a student what men should be,
Not all the books on all the shelves.
Oh no, it’s what the teachers are themselves.

Boys night at home. At Jay’s request: bacon and waffles for dinner. Nice.

Kettlebell workout this AM. Feel like I’ve been worked over by a meat tenderizing hammer.

Buds on Navesink: Riverside Gardens in Red Bank, NJ