Wendell Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things.” How is it I didn’t know this poem until today? Wonderful. http://xrl.us/benafx

Thoreau on Paris v. Concord

I fear the dissipation that traveling, going into society, even the best, the enjoyment of intellectual luxuries, imply. If Paris is much in your mind, if it is more and more to you, Concord is less and less, and yet it would be a wretched bargain to accept the proudest Paris in exchange for my […]

Had no idea Robert Pinksy grew up in Long Branch. The poet laureate is speaking at Monmouth U this Thursday: http://xrl.us/bem54w

For no printed word nor spoken plea Can teach a student what men should be, Not all the books on all the shelves. Oh no, it’s what the teachers are themselves. John Wooden (UCLA Coach)

Learning How to Think

Learning How to Think Down with the experts!! “The experts’ forecasts were tracked both on the subjects of their specialties and on subjects that they knew little about. The result? The predictions of experts were, on…