Four Senators (including NJ’s Menendez) propose withholding fed $s from states that don’t ban texting while driving:

Took a walk in the woods at this great little park during lunch today: Was much cooler in the woods.

To Sen. Frank Lautenberg: We need quality health insurance for every family in our nation now #hc09 #NJ #07701

To @SenatorMenendez: Americans can’t wait anymore. Health insurance reform must pass this year #hc09 #NJ #07701

At Bruce Hornsby show. Wow. Not sure what I expected but this exceeds whatever I might have expected.

NYTimes keeps the discussion alive on the deadly combo of txting and driving: When will NJ cops enforce current laws?

Just launched a “Safe Routes To Schools” group on the domain (that I bought last year not knowing what I’d use it for).