Month: March 2022

  • FujiFilm X100F Malfunctions & Repair

    Several months ago the EVF/OVF on my X100F stopped working correctly. I sent it in for repair to Fuji.   I should note that printing out the form on FujiFilm Camera Repair page is laughably broken but, anyway. After a few weeks I heard back that FujiFilm wanted $650 to repair the viewfinder.  I asked…

  • Green

    First rainy day in a while. Glad because it’s been nice out lately and I’ve been too busy working to enjoy it. Less FOMO on a rainy day.

  • Removing a domain from a letsencrypt cert

    My letsencrypt SSL cert wasn’t renewing. I’d forgotten that I moved my wife’s site to squarespace so that caused the renewal to not find the site on my IP, causing it to fail with something like: Attempting to renew cert . . .  produced an unexpected error: Failed authorization procedure. I was using the same…

  • #redbanknj #ukraine

  • Thanks, update!

    Morning after update to 15.4, all shortcuts look the same now. Not super useful, Apple:

  • Path Less Pedaled + Grant Peterson

    Russ and Grant! I love this video/interview. I wish it were a full hour! There are so few people (especially out here in NJ) that share Grant and Russ’ view of cycling or even try to understand it but, man, they are speaking my language.

  • Windy Winter Remains

  • Troubleshooting WordPress Share to Mastodon plugin

    I uploaded an image to a WordPress post using three different techniques, and you can see the way they appear in Mastodon in the image below using this really excellent and customizable/flexible plugin.  I’m trying to get the image to appear like it does when uploading to a Mastodon post using the native posting tool,…


    I didn’t realize Dries founded/manages Drupal until I checked out the about page on his website. In any case, he has a really excellent comparison of PESOS vs POSSE on his site. For me, I’m just trying to find as friction-free a way to collect/post/share. After a bunch of false starts I’m leaning towards WordPress…

  • Martin D-18 with d-gard tone-gard

    A friend unexpectedly gifted me this the other night when we were rehearsing for an upcoming gig. I can not believe what a huge difference it makes in the sound/volume of my already very loud Martin D-18. It’s called a d-gard and is purpose built for the back of a Martin dreadnaught. I put some…