Heading to Dub to meet some of the flag football guys.

thinking I should tag the 700+ tasks currently in my OmniFocus app as “someday/maybe,” export them into an archive and then just start over.



I won’t be going vegan until bacon starts growing on trees but this infoviz on slaughter rates is wild: http://bit.ly/HhNJF (via bittman)

Looking for a sysadmin in Monmouth County to handle networking/servers for a 40 person shop. Salary or hourly. Email sjwillis@willisbros.net

NPR’s Speaking of Faith this week was fantastic! John Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness. First 30mins are def. worth a listen: http://bit.ly/NINxC

David Prown and I are speaking at RBMS on Friday. Need some advice on explaining social capital and civic engagement to 4th graders. Help!!

Congrats to my neighbors Carrie and Ann who both held on to their seats in yesterday’s School Board Election, I’m proud to be your neighbor.

Thx everyone for voting info! Kel and I voted a few minutes ago. We were #38 & 39 at our polling place.

Does anyone know where I can find out where my polling place is for today’s Red Bank School Board Election? @redbankgreenman ? any links?

Anatomy of a 5th Birthday Party: here’s how we did the pinewood derby for Jay’s fifth. hover over the photo for notes.