Month: April 2008

Links to Software for Network Analysis

wrapping up my inbox triage so I can get ready to ride huber and hartshorne this afternoon:

Our Vanishing Past

Why Bother? Micahel Pollan – Sunday New York Times Magazine

Daniel Gilbert – Happiness Researcher – New York Times

ugh. hit return too quick 😉 anyone know how to use ascii strings in MySQL load data infile?

load data infile ’./album.txt’ into table musics fields terminated by CHAR(1) lines terminated by CHAR(2);

moving sites over to slicehost. am very happy with ubuntu. though i’ve already locked myself once out with apache and out-of-memory errors.

I setup my slice (256 on slicehost) this AM. Thinking about maybe using lighttpd. Thoughts?

Nabble – CiviMail Users – Mailing List Archives – imap2soap error ‘cant locate object method..’

Just spent 90 minutes cleaning the sensor on my canon DSLR. Tedious. But worth it.

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Home

Newsvine – MacBook Casing Defect: Prevalent Cracking

Getting ready for a day of back-to-back client meetings. Glad that “get root canal” can be crossed off my todo list!