If the only thing I ever get out of boxee.tv is having found this talking heads video, it will be enough: http://tinyurl.com/azdszd

Just finally took advantage of my boxee.tv invite. With boxee’s hulu and netflix integration, why does anyone pay for cable?

Anyone have a queue of netflix “watch instantly” flix that they’d care to share with us? Wading thru the NF interface for WI blows.

Day 3 of flu & bed. +102f fever. Feel like Proust but w/ bouts of hallucinations out of a Hunter S Thompson book.

Power to the people! Looks like my council talk had some impact on the Red Bank’s web technology plans: http://tinyurl.com/czhd4o

When you think that your walk is profitless and a failure, and you can hardly persuade yourself not to return, it is on the point of being a success, for then you are in that subdued and knocking mood to which Nature never fails to open. Thoreau’s Journal – January 27th, 1860

the RB neighborhood e-newsletter I run has a mention in today’s sledger: http://tinyurl.com/dbabbx thanks @redbankgreenman for the heads up!

Congrats to neighbor Carrie Ludwikowski on being named to the RB school board! http://www.app.com/article/200901211214/NEWS/90121061


90-9-1 In social groups, some people actively participate more than others. Researcher Jakob Nielsen calls this “Participation Inequality“.