Wondering if ANYONE has any idea what the totally incomprehensible status icons in Skype mean.

Noticing that Verizon has blocked access to a whole slew of newsgroups (notably alt.binaries.sounds.bootlegs) F’in lame.

stuck onsite thinking about SQL when I’d rather be outside thinking about SPF

Spring Lake. B&K are out of town so we’re taking over 301. Jenks tonight.

Watching jay tape scrap paper with the #6 written on it onto my car so I can be speed racer.

My new iphone is so much louder than my previous one. I think the design allows too much pocketlint/cruft to find its way into the speakers.

digging that apple just replaced my iPhone w a brand new one

rounding out my AC/DC collection with a little wading through the swamps of usenet