Month: November 2020

  • Why You Been Gone So Long

    This has been one of my favorite songs lately. Really enjoy the Tony Rice version. Now that I’ve got my recording corner set up again in my home office I hope to be posting more videos. Enjoy:

  • Reminder to Charge Apple Watch

    Wrote up a handy little Keyboard Maestro macro that will remind me to charge my Apple Watch. The special sauce here is that it runs any and every time I wake up my Mac between 5AM and 10:30AM. You can download the Keyboard Maestro macro here. [update: So, Keyboard Maestro doesn’t have a trigger for “password…

  • Apple Health HRV Data & Lyme Disease

    I think Heart Rate Variability data (good overview from Harvard Medical Health Blog) can be a strong indicator of health relative to an individual’s baseline. The problem for me has always been “baseline.” In the early days of HRV, I measured my beat-to-beat measurements using my iPhone (occasionally paired to a Polar heart rate monitor)…