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How To Expand Launchpad

Hard for me to imagine Launchpad ever being as useful as Alfred for launching apps. That said, this tip for expanding the rows/columns of Launchpad might make a more compelling use case. Via Chris Hannah via @JPEGuin


On being able to write about whatever the hell you are interested in:

As someone with a bunch of interests, I’m all for a non-directional approach to blogging (via Josh Ginter and Initial Charge). I’m tired of reading commercial sites, have stocked my RSS app with independent publishers and have no regrets, especially when blog authors stray from their usual topics.


Joe Henry – Welcoming Flies at the Picnic. 

Loved hearing this rebroadcast of Krisa Tippett’s interview with a very articulate songwriter.


Reeder 4 tips

This old review (from May, 2019) of Reeder 4 has some interesting usage tips/hints that I wasn’t aware of, worth a read if you use Reeder for your feeds.