Recipe Cruft-Cleaner

I’m not so much of a recipe-using cook, but sometimes I like to review several recipes when I’m making something to get ideas for spice/ingredients that I might not be thinking of incorporating into my version or to get an idea of different cooking times, etc.

The bloat of online recipe sites don’t help with this. Looking for a recipe online is a frustrating exercise in clicking a bunch of popup ads and scrolling four miles down the page past where the author strains to relate the recipe to their favorite TV show and how they they passed their driver’s exam before offering up the actual recipe.

I’d never heard of until someone alerted me to the cool feature of prepending “” to the front of any online recipe and it gives you a new page with just the recipe and ingredients. Try it. Google for a recipe, open the link, then prepend “” to the front of the https:// in your address bar and hit Enter. Super helpful.

Given that I’m usually on my iPad or iPhone when I’m in the kitchen looking for inspirado, copy/pasting is a challenge so here’s a shortcut that does the hard part. When looking at recipe on your iOS device, click the share button (see photos for before and after), select “Recipe Wizard” et voila enjoy.