Hey Siri/Shortcut Automation with 2023 Outback

I am not a big fan of the Subaru app. It’s janky but does offer a way to remote start my car. But, as the days are getting colder, I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to be able to tell my bathroom HomePod Hey Siri, Warm up my car. So over lunch today, I managed to cook up some shortcuts to start/pre-heat, stop & lock my 2023 Outback.

I’ll also note here that I am confirming that this does in fact work with the ‘23s as some folks on the Subaru formus were having problems but those problems are not related to the model year.

Obligatory Dall-e Outback/Apple art

You need to make sure to get your deviceid AS WELL AS your PIN entered in to the shortcut.

Good instructions for getting your deviceid found here from https://www.subaruoutback.org’s TheyDroppedMe but I’m pasting below because I have no faith that anything linked to on the internet will be here tomorrow:

First of all, you’ll need to use the Chrome browser on a desktop for this.

1) Open chrome and go to www.mysubaru.com/login (DON’T login yet! If you’re already logged in, log out and go back to the login page)
2) Right click on the page and select the inspect option at the bottom. This should open the chrome dev tools in a frame to the side or bottom of the tab.
3) On the top bar of the dev tools section, you should see options like Elements, Console, Sources, Network, etc. Select the Network tab (you may have to scroll over to see it). Once in the Network tab, click the Preserve log checkbox.
4) Now on the mysubaru web page next to the dev tools, enter your login information and login. You should see a flurry of activity in the Network tab
5) Scroll down in the left-hand column in the Network tab until you see an entry named login and select that. On the box to the right of that column, select the Payload tab and you should see some data under Form Entries that contains your vehicle ID, device ID, username, and password

Once you have your deviceid you can follow some of the advice in this reddit link where you can also download my edited template.


Importantly there are different URL components for the different services:

  • engineStart
  • engineStop
  • lock
  • unlock

It’s been really nice to not have to use the super-tedious Subaru application. I already the Hey Siri, warm up my car before heading out to the gym this afternoon. So cool.