Original Music Links

Experimenting with Linode, S3 storage and Nextcloud to see if I can find an easy way to link to music I want to share.

While bluegrass, country and Dead are my primary musical outlets, I like to switch gears (ha, that’s funny in a way that will be clear in a minute) and play with synthesizers and drum machines.

I am a huge fan of the show High Maintenance and love the shots where the the Guy is riding his bike to sound of low-fi electronic music as I, too, love to listen to electronic music when I ride my bike around town. So I switch gears from acoustic music and fiddle around with making electronic music. Here’s a sample

Note, this hasn’t been mastered or anything so volume may be weak.

Curious to see how functional this link is. Do you find it easy to download if you want? Or is it ok just to make it streamable?