Friday Links – Jan 3, 2020

Ambitiously titling this post Friday Links thinking that I may be able to do it again next Friday and the one after that. We’ll see!

Anyway, some links I’ve enjoyed from around the web over the past few days:

The rise, fall and resurrection of Flickr – Ferdy Christant

When you support free, you support billionaires. When you pay, you support sane businesses and real creators. Start paying for things that cost money. If you can’t afford to, use fewer things, which generally make you happier anyway.

Very long but interesting post about Flickr. Where it is now, where it came from, etc. I haven’t renewed my Flickr Pro account in forever and don’t expect that I will simply because I have no need for it but we will definitely lose an important piece of Internet history if Flickr can’t sustain itself.

Time Out: We Don’t Give Music Enough Time to Grow on Us Anymore

A few years ago I started making playlists in iTunes that only contained 3-5 albums and listened to those tracks exclusively for a few weeks before rotating them out. There is something about becoming really familiar with a recording, a whole album preferably, that rewards in a way that superficially skimming the surface of Spotify just doesn’t deliver. Thinking about restarting this practice somehow.

Genius loci

Learned this phrase this week. the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place. Love it.