iPad Pro External Keyboard Portrait Mode

It feels a bit like watching Hendrix play his Strat upside down, but I have really settled into enjoying using my iPad Pro in portrait mode with an external keyboard. There is something about the dimension of the screen being closer to that of a piece of paper that I’m filling with text that is more visually appealing to me than typing with the screen in landscape mode.

Super-meta, you’re looking at this post in this post!

The problem here is of course is that it really limits my external keyboard options. Right now I’m using the Apple Magic keyboard in a Canopy case from Studio Neat.



I have a love/hate relationship with this case:

– Whenever i forget to turn off the keyboard and fold up the case, inevitably the F8 key gets depressed and my iPad starts playing music.
– It is only so-so stable when typing on my lap. Not impossible but not like a laptop.
– It doesn’t protect the iPad Pro, just the keyboard so i always feel a little weird just putting the iPad in my briefcase.

– it is well-designed and looks nice
– because the iPad is just sort of balanced in a little slot between the case and the keyboard it is super-easy to just grab the ipad and walk around with it. I don’t have to disconnect anything.
– I can type in portrait mode or landscape mode, the canopy doesn’t care!

So I’ve been thinking about getting a Brydge keyboard which would:
– provide some protection of the iPad when it’s in my briefcase
– Provide a more stable typing environment when using on my lap

However it would not allow me to type in portrait mode. Also, I’m not so sure how easy the iPad is to connect/remove from the Brydge keyboard’s connector slots.

That said, i haven’t ordered the Brydge yet and may still find some kind of solution that allows me to protect the iPad when it’s in travel. And typing in portrait mode (especially in ia Writer and Day One where i do about 80% of my writing) is really so nice, maybe i just stick with what I’ve got here.