Good magazines, electronically delivered from Red Bank Public Library


[see note below about creating a library-zinio account if you already have a personal one that you use.]

I’ve used Zinio for a couple of years now on my iPad to read a few magazines that I used to subscribe to in print form (Stereo Review, the occasional Threepenny Review, Esquire, etc.) Zinio has come a long way and now supports Kindles and desktop computers and a bunch of other devices so it’s an easy way to read good magazines without cluttering up your reading table/nightstand or cutting down trees. 

So but anyway, if you live in Red Bank and have a library card you can now get magazines delivered to your device through zinio. It took me a while to sort out how to link up my existing zinio account with my library account[1] but now that that’s done, I can browse the library’s magazine collection and just click to have the current issue delivered to my iPad. 

1. Here’s the deal if you already have a zinio account and want to add the library’s magazines to that account

  • when you create your library zinio account on this page, use the same email address that you use for your personal zinio account
  • the caveat here is that the password requirements for the library-zinio account and the personal/zinio account are different. The library-zinio account is more restrictive (i think it was 8 characters with both letters and numbers).
  • so before you go creating the library zinio account, go to your personal zinio account and make your password 8 characters with both letters and numbers, then use that same email and password when you create your library-zinio account.