reboot your Onkyo receiver (fix the blinking red light problem)

I was playing some LPs the other day and my newish Onkyo A-9555 receiver made a popping sound and shut off. When I turned it back on, the red light just blinked and the volume light never came on. After taking the unit apart to look for a blown fuse–only to discover the fuse was fine–I searched for a copy of the manual online and found this gem:

How to reset: To reset the A-9755/A-9555 to its factory defaults, while holding down the [PURE DIRECT] button, press the [LOUDNESS] button, and then release both buttons. The input selector indicators light up for one second, and then the A-9755/A-9555 enters On mode.

So, after doing that, everything’s fine. I noticed a lot of people on various HiFi forums whining about the blinking red light problem and how they had to pay ridiculous sums of money to get their amps fixed after experiencing the same issue. Before shelling out money, you may want to try the above.