Looking to borrow star wars DVD for this AM: new hope or phantom menace. If u r local to 07701 and will lend DM me.

Gotta be honest, hearing my playlist on our local public radio station is even cooler than I thought it would be! http://bit.ly/GrgNW

Hey. Make sure to listen to 90.5 today at noon for a cool surprise. Stream at www.wbjb.org

The American List « A Continuous Lean.

The American List « A Continuous Lean. Extensive list of Made in America items – bikes, clothes, bags, etc. #musa If you are into that sort of thing.

BJ is playing at the Paramount this weekend in AP with Jodi Joseph. Good coverage on Red Bank Orbit: http://bit.ly/iCdOi

The Case for Working With Your Hands – NYTimes.com

The Case for Working With Your Hands – NYTimes.com What a great, great, great essay! “Ultimately it is enlightened self-interest, then, not a harangue about humility or public-spiritedness, that will compel us to take a fresh look at… Read More

What you are comes to you. – RWE. Today is Emerson’s Birthday.

Anyone know of any locations for beach camping on the Jersey Shore? Neither Island Beach nor Cape May State Park allow it.

Claddagh. Highlands. To see beedge & have 1 beer

Thinking about riding 15 miles down to Spring Lake to watch Jay and Jack race tonight in the SL5 kids’ race on Ocean Ave.