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Readwise feedback and remembering what you’ve read

The value of reading is proportional to the ability to remember what you have read. Reading is a richer experience when you are reading through a lens informed by the context of everything you’ve read and experience before. Indeed, how much richer is daily life when you can call on a piece of verse or […]

Getting better at tracking listening

I use this service called readwise that helps me remember what I read. I’ve posted about it before.  Anyway, it occurs to me that I really need something similar for my listening. Like, what artists have I recently followed in Spotify or tracks I’ve dug Apple Music, etc. I think there’s probably some way to […]

Long Form Article Reading on Kindle, Improved

Over the past year I’ve been using a service called to surface highlights from books I read on my Kindle and from articles I read on my iPad using Instapaper. The service has its flaws but all in all has been useful to me in helping me to remember what I’ve read and found […]