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Log/Append a photo to a Day One entry

Someone posted a question about how to do this on the Day One Community site so I thought I’d build up a little iOS shortcut that: – checks to see if you have an entry for today, if not it creates a blank one and then prompts you to choose a photo, resizes that photo […]

Logging throughout the day with Day One and iOS shortcuts

Spending some time on the Day One community page on Facebook it seems like for those who journal multiple times per day–adding notes, thoughts, activities throughout the day–there are two schools of thought for capturing throughout the day: 1.) create a new entry in Day One for each of the day’s multiple entries 2.) append to […]

AppleScript for Day One braindump to Things

Highlighting the truly first-world problem of Mac automation being totally different from iOS automation, I wrote up a simple AppleScript that mirrors the functionality of my iOS shortcut that takes my brain dump list out of Day One and “intelligently” transfers it to Things. When I write my morning entry in my Day One journal […]

Amazon Order History to Markdown table in Day One

Back in the spring I wrote an automator action that incorporated some Python code to take a downloaded Amazon Order History file and massage it into a nice Markdown table and creates a Day One entry. A few months back though the Day One command line tool stopped working and that broke this action. But […]

Shortcut: Day One braindump to Things

I use Day One as a journal almost every day. Most mornings start with me doing a bit of a brain dump into Day One, listing anything that’s on my radar that I need to deal with. So I wrote a shortcut to help me deal with those brain dumps a bit better. This shortcut: […]

Time-stamped log entry in Day One

I don’t typically create multiple entries for a given date in Day One. Rather, I just use Markdown and add bullets as things occur throughout the day, usually with a time stamp. e.g.: – 8:20AM: made requested modifications to Joe’s SQL query This is pretty basic stuff here but I wish that there was some […]

Day One Morning Health Shortcut

Some folks over on the Day One Community FB group were interested in this shortcut I wrote. It computes your 7-day average for active energy and steps, asks you a few questions and creates a Day One journal entry. You will need to modify this shortcut. It’s a little tricky as it pulls health kit […]

Turn Amazon Order History into a Markdown Table for Day One

The other day I posted about using Keyboard Maestro to automate the process of getting my monthly Amazon Order history into a Day One Journal entry. That was the first step of the automation of this task. This has been a bit more challenging to automate than I was first thinking. I’m working towards this […]

Getting Amazon Purchase History into Day One

Inspired by listening to @ttscoff, @macsparky and @rosemaryorchard on yesterday’s Automators podcast, I made some slow progress but progress nonetheless! Trying to automate as much as possible my monthly entry in Day One of all of my purchases from that month from Amazon. Currently I’ve just got a repeating todo in Things that reminds me […]

How not to overthink iOS shortcuts for Day One Journals

I like to keep notes about the gigs I play with my various bands. Sometimes I log very detailed entries about changes we need to make to our gear or sound settings for the next gig, other times it’s just a few quick words so I can remember who came out to see us or […]

Diet success with Due App, shortcuts and app launching

Here’s one truth about how I lose weight: nothing is as effective as simply writing down what I eat. If I track everything I eat in a calorie tracking app (I use one called Track, but there are a bunch of similar apps), I eat less. Maybe seeing what I’m eating makes me more conservative […]

Amazon quietly removes ability to download order history

At the end of each month, I run an Automator process on my Mac that loads that month’s Amazon Order History file into a markdown table in Day One. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and it’s useful for a whole bunch of reasons. When did I buy something? Just search […]

Friday Links for Feb 21, 2020

Beatings, Burns and a Broken Promise – Powerful reporting from the NYTimes on mistreatment of people with developmental disabilities. Amazon: How Bezos built his data machine – Whoa. This is a fantastic read about data harvesting at Amazon. What We Lose by Hiring Someone to Pick Up Our Avocados for Us – I use Prime […]

iPad Pro External Keyboard Portrait Mode

It feels a bit like watching Hendrix play his Strat upside down, but I have really settled into enjoying using my iPad Pro in portrait mode with an external keyboard. There is something about the dimension of the screen being closer to that of a piece of paper that I’m filling with text that is […]


Upgrading my MacBook Pro, the Catalina upgrade hung up on “Setting up computer…” but as I had already looked into that issue for a buddy of mine the other day, I know that’a a widespread problem so I just rebooted and it everything came up fine. Was a bit of a bummer that Scrivener 2 […]

5 years ago today (thanks Day One for the reminder). Seems like we’ve done a lifetime of travel in this thing and it’s only been 5 years. #bestpurchaseever

Read iOS HRV data (captured during breathing session) via shortcuts

I first started using Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to track my recovery from a concussion that I sustained while out mountain biking. HRV is a possibly useful metric to track overall health, stress levels, etc. I have a few years worth of (not entirely consistent) HRV data as a result of using Marco Altini’s fantastic […]