Month: February 2024

  • Read: Browsing in Emacs

    FWIW, my Emacs of the moment is emacs-plus@29 installed by Homebrew: brew install emacs-plus@29 –with-mailutils –with-xwidgets \ –with-imagemagick –with-native-comp Source: Browsing in Emacs – Volume 8 Also on:

  • Read: Own Your Web – Issue 7: What Is It For?

    ![]( Source: Own Your Web – Issue 7: What Is It For? – Matthias Ott Also on:

  • Read: Own Your Web – Issue 7: What Is It For?

    ![]( Source: Own Your Web – Issue 7: What Is It For? – Matthias Ott Also on:

  • Read: Kierkegaard’s Three Ways to Live More Fully

    For some, this is the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” stage. But even if you aren’t someone who’s into a libertine lifestyle, “the aesthetic” might encompass a more innocent sort of experience—a hobby such as travel, say. This is fine for a while. For many, though, this consumerist approach to living eventually comes to…

  • Read: MacStories Weekly: Issue 400

    pretty well, and while the widget doesn’t do much, I’ve found that having it in the Today View makes Source: MacStories Weekly: Issue 400 – Club MacStories Also on:

  • Read: The Wisdom of Daybreak

    So much of the way we carry on each day, empowered by our technological array, encourages us to presume an extraordinary degree of control and power over the world. [Warning: sweeping claim incoming.] Indeed, the project of technological modernity was explicitly pursued under the banner of just such mastery over nature.⁵ And, by and large,…

  • Read: The Case for Trump … by Someone Who Wants Him to Lose

    Much of the elite media, mostly liberal, became openly partisan in the 2016 election — and, in doing so, not only failed to understand why Trump won but also probably unwittingly contributed to his victory. Academia, also mostly liberal, became increasingly illiberal, inhospitable not just to conservatives but to anyone pushing back even modestly against…

  • Read: Slow Change Can Be Radical Change

    To be able to see change is to be able to make change. I’m an advocate for slowness, not in the sense of dragging your feet or delaying your reaction but in the sense of scaling your perception to to perceive the events unfolding, because I’m an advocate for making change. There’s a wonderful scene…

  • Read: It’s Time to Embrace Slow Productivity

    The bigger challenge of Slow Productivity is that it requires systems to manage work that’s not yet assigned. If you’re a boss, and an important task pops to mind—“We need to update our Web site with new client testimonials!”—you can no longer simply e-mail the request to one of your underlings and move on with…

  • Read: Vision Pro, Unscrambled, Is “I Poison VR”

    The fact is, a two-trillion-dollar company is asking you to shut yourself off from your family, your friends, and your dog in order fully inhabit an environment manipulated and fine-tuned to serve a growth-at-any-cost ethos. This means you’ll be kept fully passive, and under surveillance at all times, to be be slowly monetized, like a…