Hyperdrive 11-in-1 USB C hub for iPad Pro

I picked up one of these dingus dongles at Best Buy this AM (same price as Amazon, $79) so that I could turn my iPad Pro into a little recording studio device/multitrack recorder in my office. Specifically so I could turn my aging by serviceable Zoom H4n into an external microphone for GarageBand.

HyperDrive USB C Hub, Type C Adapter for MacBook Pro, Laptop USB-C Devices, Ultimate 11-in-1 Surface PC Docking Station w Power Delivery Charging, USBC 5Gbps Data, 4K HDMI, 3xUSB 3.1 Ports, VGA, etc

It does everything it is supposed to, or well, almost everything. My iPad gives me a “not charging” message even though the wall charger is plugged into the available USB C port on this thing. I am thinking that the default 18w charger that apple ships with the iPad Pro is not quite enough to power the hub and charge up the iPad. Maybe a bigger charger?

Who knows, my voice gave out before the iPad battery.