Rode bike to spring lake, doing the rides at Jenk’s. First up, roller coaster with Jay!

Running to Mingus. Gittin it in my soul.

Thinking about Thoreau’s quote: “We are constantly invited to be what we are.”

the garden!: 4th of july tomatoes started popping up yesterday, first tbm (tomato, basil, mayo) sandie of the season!

the garden!: abundance of cukes. trying out fridge pickles.

It’s not the apps that are flakey, it’s the iTMS verification that’s flakey. Re-syncing my iPhone in iTunes brought my apps back to life.

wow. apps on iPhone are FLAKEY. Feels like I’m using a Windows Mobile device. Twitterific, NNW, Jott. All crash when I click them. L-A-M-E.

woohoo! the iPhone is back. Switching back and forth from Library to iPhone in iTunes seemed to solve the problem. Still, a crappy process.

itunes can’t connect to the itunes store to verify my phone after the 2.0 software upgrade. Lame.

Realizing that I planted WAY too many cukes in my garden.