Walking through Huber Woods during a thaw in December. http://post.ly/GQfr

Good crew assembled for 7pm Globe, followed by Dub then Jamians. Many CBA ‘89 guys.

Snowing in Red Bank.

Rise up singing. FOUND!!!!!! http://post.ly/FT87

Watching Food, Inc. Holy crap.

Oistrakh plays Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto in E minor [Part ¼] http://post.ly/FN2E

Damn, I wish we hadn’t of settled on a $50 limit for Secret Santas this year http://post.ly/FHqP

I just started using Droplr. Check it out at http://droplr.com

Just had the pleasure of playing this 1822 guitar.One of the first 6string instruments that could be called a “guitar.” http://bit.ly/8QfK2x

nice fingerpicking vid on RedBankGreen. Red Bank Blue by Dave Crowton of Red Bank: http://bit.ly/8c55V9