Heading to Dub to meet some of the flag football guys.

Several upcoming gigs featuring People You Know (BJ, Rich Morris, John Leccese). More info: http://bit.ly/kBEYn

/dev/why!?!: Networked Time Machine Best Practices

/dev/why!?!: Networked Time Machine Best Practices A few hints on keeping networked Time Machine backups from getting corrupted.

thinking I should tag the 700+ tasks currently in my OmniFocus app as “someday/maybe,” export them into an archive and then just start over.


Capo This looks like a cool application. Slows down songs with pitch adjustment and looping for figuring out songs.

I won’t be going vegan until bacon starts growing on trees but this infoviz on slaughter rates is wild: http://bit.ly/HhNJF (via bittman)

Looking for a sysadmin in Monmouth County to handle networking/servers for a 40 person shop. Salary or hourly. Email sjwillis@willisbros.net

great spoof on Dowd’s twitterphobic column from yesterday’s NYTimes: http://tinyurl.com/db37v2 (via @briandonohue)

NPR’s Speaking of Faith this week was fantastic! John Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness. First 30mins are def. worth a listen: http://bit.ly/NINxC

Is anyone from Red Bank planning on going to the NJ Connect meetup tonight? http://bit.ly/Is716 It’d be cooler if it wasn’t at Red.