Spring Lake/running errands

artscap Interviews

artscap Interviews This is cool. Artscap is a local arts organization in Asbury Park, NJ. I set them up with Drupal a few months ago and they just picked it up immediately and ran with it. I love… Read More

links for 2008-01-30

links for 2008-01-30 The secret of happiness | It’s in Iceland | Economist.com The search for happiness is becoming more scientific. But does that make it any more accurate than it used to be? Two books explore a… Read More

cheesedoodles and the iphone are a bad combination


NetHope NetHope provides forums for member agencies to document and share their field experiences regarding the effectiveness of their telecommunication technology and to suggest ways to improve future delivery of services.

working out of Zebu on Broad St. for a few hours this AM while kids overrun our house.

notice on CNN that Edwards is dropping out.

Comments RSS Feed Broken

Comments RSS Feed Broken Not that anyone uses it except me, but the comments feed for the WBB is currently broken. I’m not sure what’s going on but will post when it’s fixed. Also, what’s with the lack… Read More

links for 2008-01-29

links for 2008-01-29 Moonwatcher: Feed Archaeology Even if Google’s index no longer includes my old posts, I know that NewsGator archives the contents of millions of RSS feeds. So I contacted Greg Reinacker to see how to access… Read More