Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Larghetto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Larghetto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Allegro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Allegro

I’m stuck with 9 hours of The Closer on DVD. Netflix needs an “add to queue in random positions” button for multi-disc programs.

Google calendar’s repeat options

Google calendar’s repeat options

Nightnoise – Bring Me Back A Song

Nightnoise – Bring Me Back A Song


Rhode Island

Well, it’s official. Kel got accepted into Brown University’s internship program, so Rhode Island here we come.


Because of its short, teardrop shape the month of February tends to fly faster than other months. Only five more days til we find out where we’ll be moving next year.

I am a tranquility addict. I spent almost an hour last night engulfed in that synaptic jacuzzi.

Spent some time this morning reviewing some definitions.

Abbreviated Personal and Professional Biography of Jim Willis

Jim Willis is a technologist, musician, writer and community organizer. He currently lives in Red Bank, NJ with his wife and children.

He treats technology as a tool to build social capital and lower the barrier to civic and community engagement. He is widely recognized as being instrumental in Federal and State government adoption of open source software.  Jim believes democracy flourishes when government adopts the principals of Open Content, Open Services and Open Source.

Current Work:

  • Principal, Banyan Social Technology. Currently leads a team of software developers, new media designers and project managers to provide mission-driven organizations the skills and tools necessary to affect positive social change.

Previous Work:

  • Chief Information Officer and Director of eGovernment for the Rhode Island Office of the Secretary of State Matthew A. Brown

  • Principal/Owner of eponymous consulting company specializing in data collection and analysis for public policy regarding mental health funding




Is Written About:

Contact Information

Jim Willis

personal: sjwillis@willisbros.net

work: sjwillis@banyansocialtech.com

twitter: sjwillis