If the only thing I ever get out of boxee.tv is having found this talking heads video, it will be enough: http://tinyurl.com/azdszd

Questions for J.D. Trout – Dr. Feel It – Interview – NYTimes.com

Questions for J.D. Trout – Dr. Feel It – Interview – NYTimes.com It’s nice to see someone stand up to Solomon (who can just be a shrew of an interviewer sometimes). This guy’s book is going on my… Read More

Just finally took advantage of my boxee.tv invite. With boxee’s hulu and netflix integration, why does anyone pay for cable?

Anyone have a queue of netflix “watch instantly” flix that they’d care to share with us? Wading thru the NF interface for WI blows.

Day 3 of flu & bed. +102f fever. Feel like Proust but w/ bouts of hallucinations out of a Hunter S Thompson book.

Power to the people! Looks like my council talk had some impact on the Red Bank’s web technology plans: http://tinyurl.com/czhd4o

When you think that your walk is profitless and a failure, and you can hardly persuade yourself not to return, it is on the point of being a success, for then you are in that subdued and knocking… Read More

the RB neighborhood e-newsletter I run has a mention in today’s sledger: http://tinyurl.com/dbabbx thanks @redbankgreenman for the heads up!

14F is going to make for a cold game of flag football this AM

Congrats to neighbor Carrie Ludwikowski on being named to the RB school board! http://www.app.com/article/200901211214/NEWS/90121061